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Cities of the Future
Hilton Orchard, 2 March 2022

Hosted by IMG and organised by Unbound, the Cities of the Future conference returned for 2022, taking place at the Hilton Orchard on Wednesday 2 March. This prestigious, invite-only event once again coincided with the HSBC Women’s World Championship LPGA golf tournament.

This year's gathering of civic, corporate and startup leaders, all involved with driving the growth, planning and development of ASEAN cities, came together to explore city development strategies and the deployment of innovative solutions and technologies to build the connected city of the future. Delegates were able to participate in a full day of case studies, panels, keynotes, and pitching.

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Cities of the Future 2022


High Level


The Cities of the Future Agenda presents the leading minds in today's modern city development and asks how innovation and technology can contribute to a better future for all citizens.


Urban Innovation Champions Award

Founders of 16 of the most talked about urban tech startups shared a glimpse of the technologies that are changing the city-scape of tomorrow.


Inspirational Discussions

In person and online attendees enjoyed a variety of top level debates as speakers discussed and debated hard-hitting topics such as Big Data, AI, the Climate Crisis and more.

2022 Conference Theme
Sustainable City Development

For 2022, Cities of the Future dived into the theme of Sustainable City Development - inspired by the 2030 Green Plan which focuses on: City in Nature, Energy Reset, Green Economy, Resilient Future and Sustainable Living.


In the ASEAN region alone, there are over 20 cities with 1.5 million citizens. The numbers inhabiting these cities grows everyday, forcing major shifts in the structuring of urban life. The Cities of the Future Agenda presented the leading minds in today’s modern city development, convening to tackle the major issues, as we took a closer look at issues such as 'Designing City Spaces for the Next Decade'.


Cities of the Future - Mobility - Agenda


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Cities of the Future -

Learn about how air, sea, and road networks are developing through dramatic 

efficiencies in geo-mapping, reducing issues like traffic congestion, and the effects of sustainability.

Join us in examining how the consumption of energy in smart cities is analysed, data is collected and power production optimised through different sources, and what happens next.

We ask what role technology plays in the planning process as city leaders consider responses to the effects of critical issues like climate change, population growth, and social division.

Smart cities have emerged as a possible solution to sustainability problems deriving from rapid urbanisation.

How can smart cities stay sustainable? 


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The Workplace

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Cities of the Future - Security.png

Focusing on intelligent water management and the hydrological impacts of urban development, we'll look at technology's role in optimising consumption for efficient water management.

Improving the quality of life is not only a question of technology; it is a question of connecting and inspiring people. How can developing smart cities empower and encourage?

Following the move away from traditional offices and towards a working from home model. What are the  most efficient uses of the spatial void the worker migration has left behind?

As innovations in camera tech, AI and IoT improve safety in cities we examine issues like surveillance, smart alarm and security systems, effective data utilisation, and predicting and preventing crime.


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Cities of the Future -

The Home

Cities of the Future - Home.png

The agenda will examine how significant progress in next-gen telecoms and smartphone technologies are meeting large scale concerns about reputation, privacy, trust and safety in modern media.

How is technology forming strategies to address immediate health emergencies? Topics include the responses involved when a crisis hits and the role of data in healthcare management. 

Smart City Frameworks form the core practices and services which impact urban policy making and planning. Discover the  relationship between Government, planning and technology.

The smart home concept can improve on costs and efficiency for designers, builders, and inhabitants. Explore how smart city networks and the role of IoT can create liveable homes.

Our 2022 Speakers

With Thanks to Our Community Partners 2022

HSBC Women's World Championship


Cities of the Future coincides with the HSBC Women’s World Championship LPGA golf tournament. 

Boasting one of the strongest fields in women’s golf outside of the five Major Championships, the HSBC Women’s World Championship has the top women players battle it out at Sentosa Golf Club’s new Tanjong Course.

Taking place from 3-6 March 2022, the four-day tournament is a platform to celebrate the sport of golf, the brilliant women competing and inspirational women from all facets of life throughout the world.

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