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Cities of the Future - Conference Replay

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If you missed the live virtual event, you can catch up by watching the Cities of the Future Replay below. You'll hear from our corporate and civic champions as they discussed how we can all work together for a better future. 


The Principles of Smart & Long Term Urban Planning

Widely recognised as the “Architect of Modern Singapore”, Liu Thai Ker will impart his wisdom in this very special interview on the principles of smart and long term urban planning.


- Liu Thai Ker, Founding Chairman, Morrow

- Kok Chin Tay, Chairman, Smart Cities Network (Moderator) 


Urban Innovation Champions: The WaterTech, FoodTech & Agritech Cohort


- Sandhya Sriram, Chairman, Group CEO & Co-Founder, Shiok Meats

- Andre Stolz, CEO & Co-Founder, EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd.

- Alexander Tan, CEO, AGRITISAN

- Ishwarya Rama, Junior Co-Founder, The Nurturing Co


Inside the Innovations: Shaping City Life

If the past decade has taught us anything, it is that a simple product idea carefully managed, can grow to positively impact the lives of billions of people. In this session, we convene leaders in the innovation space to ask which ideas they are most excited about as we seek to shape the future of city life.



- Alyssa Ng, Fund Manager, Entrepreneur First

- Bjorn Lindfors, Partner Asia, Antler

- Amra Naidoo, General Partner, Accelerating Asia (Moderator)


Urban Innovation Champions: The Energy & Mobility Cohort


- Bolong Chew, Founder, Solar AI Technologies Pte. Ltd.

- Vladimir Chuchkin, CEO & Co-Founder, Waste Labs

- James Chan, Founder & CEO, ION Mobility

- Gaurav Singhal, Co-Founder, Drive lah


Developing A Sustainable Future

The real estate sector seeks to create value by building incredible places to live, work and play. The skylines and landscapes we see today wouldn’t be possible if it were not for this multi-trillion dollar industry. However, as we move into a new era, the central reference point increasingly centres on sustainable development, focused on issues like greening the built environment, ESG reporting and finance, and building sustainable communities through partnerships. This conversation explores that shift.



- Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments

- Kelvin Tan, Head of Sustainable Finance, ASEAN, HSBC

- Jason Pomeroy, Founding Principal, Pomeroy Studio

- Kok Chin Tay, Chairman, Smart Cities Network (Moderator) 


Urban Innovation Champions: The Home, Health & DeepTech Cohort


- Michelle Tjia, Assistant to the CEO, Mobio Interactive Pte Ltd

- Excell Chua, Global Sales Director, uHoo

- Zhunan Jia, Co-Founder & CEO, Breathonix

- Jon Lee, CEO, VIZZIO Technologies Pte Ltd


Home, Work & Play - City Spaces in the Next Decade

Major global environmental events such as the pandemic and the climate crisis have forced society to rethink the very essence of where we work, live and play. Add to this the tidal wave of digitisation, and some very serious decisions must be made. In this session, join our experts as we forecast where our relationship with place is going.



- Chintan Raveshia, Cities Business Leader, Arup

- Kenneth Chan, CFO, ASEAN, Siemens

- Jon Lee, CEO, VIZZIO Technologies Pte Ltd

- Marita Vavoulioti, Managing Director, Accenture Digital (Moderator)


Urban Innovation Champions: The Security & Governance Cohort


- Yee Jiat Tan, Management Associate, WaveScan Technologies Pte. Ltd.

- Jiale Tan, Co-Founder & CEO, ESGnie

- Ine Jacobsen, Investment Director, Cocoon Capital - on behalf of Lytehouse

- Simon Schillebeeckx, Founder - Chief Strategy Officer, Handprint


City Development: The Entrepreneur's Opportunity

Mobility, Energy, Food, Culture. These are just some of the areas of city life that courageous entrepreneurs across the world are tackling, as they build massive scalable businesses built on a foundation of innovation & tech. This conversation discusses the trends that are emerging in this space, and the business opportunities that exist to make better cities for all.


- Magnus Grimeland, CEO & Founder, Antler

- Julia Smith, Head of Startups & Investors, Unbound (Moderator)


Why Singapore is the World's Smartest City

IMD's Smart Cities Index is a globally recognised report focusing on how citizens perceive the scope and impact of efforts to make their cities 'smart'. The only index of its kind globally, its findings are reported on worldwide. Here, the President of the Observatory discusses why Singapore has been made the world's smartest city, for three years in a row.


- Bruno Lanvin, President, IMD Smart City Observatory

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