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Cities of the Future

Roundtable Discussions

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At the inaugural Cities of the Future attendees took part in a variety of roundtable discussions focusing on a range of topics which impact the future of how cities are evolving. 

They discussed the hard-hitting topics that will effect how the design of urban life will advance with other senior decision makers from the ASEAN region.


Topics Discussed Included

  • Future of Work- Building Innovative Platforms with people, technology, and community at the core of it - Puja Bharwani, Director, Antler

  • Talent: Where will the designers and builders of Smart Cities come from? - Bernadette Cho, General Manager, Entrepreneur First

  • Why businesses should embrace data innovation to improve business continuity? - Yee May Leong, Managing Director, Equinix

  • Developing People-Centric Sustainable Communities and Cities in ASEAN - Kok-Chin Tay, Chairman & Director, Smart Cities Network & Smart Cities Council

  • Cloud & Smart Cities - Horng Shya Chua, Managing Director, Oracle

  • Safeguarding Cities: Innovations in Security - Kumar Ritesh, Founder & CEO, CYFIRMA

  • The Future of City Life - Campuses and Smart Infrastructure - Dr Thai-Lai Pham, CEO, Siemens, ASEAN

  • The Role of Data in Building Smart Cities - Matt Osterven, CTO, Pure Storage

  • The Future of Health is Not Just Digital - Shravan Verma, CEO & Founder, Speedoc

  • The Role of Cities in Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change - Perrine Hamel, Asst. Professor, Climate Specialist, NTU

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