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The Cities of the Future startup showcase will highlight a range of cutting edge innovations, exploring key trends in the future of Connectivity, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Mobility, Smart Governance, Sustainability and Urban Planning.


Read on for further details of this year's Urban Innovation Champions.

Urban Innovation Champions - Agritisan.png

Agritisan is an urban farming company that helps democratise urban farm ownership for city dwellers with our Farming as a Service (FaaS) model to accelerate urban food production and adoption. For just a nominal subscription fee, our users (coFarmers) are provided a seamless farm ownership experience by owning a professionally managed system on our farm yielding a guaranteed high-quality crop which they can then eat, share or even earn from! We'll need all hands on deck to drive urban farming and we're driven to empower EVERYONE from stay-home mums to retirees play an active part in it.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Breathonix.png

Breathonix is a deep-tech start up that focuses on non-invasive breath tests for early detection of various disease. With Breathonix breath test, results are available within 60 seconds on site, fastest among our competitors. Breathonix's first product BreFence™ Go Breath Test System for COVID-19 rapid screening has received regulatory approval in multiple markets. The company has R&D pipelines for lung cancer and nasopharyngeal, as well as portable devices for breath testing.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Drive lah.png

Drive lah is a peer to peer car sharing startup based in Singapore and Australia. It has built a connected car ecosystem which brings people who value flexible & affordable access to cars together with people who own cars & are willing to rent. This solves the problem for people that need a car sometimes but are left a with a few expensive options like owning a car, renting one or taking multiple grab rides. The solution makes better use of cars that are idle most of the time. This has proven to help bring down the the number of cars on the road, reduce congestion and greenhouse emissions.

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Urban Innovation Champions - EcoWorth.png

EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd. is a Budding Innovations managed, award-winning start-up company, in the water remediation and waste management space. It provides a breakthrough solution for the removal and recuperation of organic contaminants from Industrial and oil & gas waste water. The technology integrates seamlessly into the latest water remediation processes in a highly cost efficient manner. Additionally, it uses biomass waste for the production of the carbon fiber aerogel technology providing environmental benefits and waste-to-worth opportunities.

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Urban Innovation Champions - ESGnie.png

ESGnie supports financial institutions in their ESG risk due-diligence, by synthesizing self-disclosed corporate information with independent information sourced from supply chain activity and satellite images, to provide a comprehensive and objective view of ESG profile of companies that is financially material, and aligned to various regulatory requirements. This is possible because of our innovative AI that can process and synthesize a variety of unstructured data sources to derive economically meaningful metrics.

Some of our use cases include, supporting risk and ESG executives on their ESG risk due diligence in near-real time of their portfolio investments (public-equity), supporting climate funds that are a United-Nation linked entity to give them a portfolio overview of their impact projects in emerging countries (private-equity) - with over 1,000x increase in speed of analysis. This results in an efficient allocation of capital based on data-driven decisions, also backed by science. We are working with some of the most prestigious sustainability and investment research houses, forward-looking financial institutions that are setting the standards for sustainability in finance.
Sustainability is a global issue, and our solution allows for cross-borders facilitation of capital flow, between developed nations and also into developing economies, the right way. By creating new innovative technology (our own proprietary tech), we believe that we are enablers for smarter and more sustainable cities, everywhere.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Handprint.png

Handprint is on a mission to integrate positive impact into every business transaction. Handprint offers Impact as a Service by connecting companies to causes they and their customers care about. On the one hand, we curate diverse impact projects within the regenerative economy, focusing on habitat preservation, mangrove reforestation, coral reef reconstruction and ocean plastic cleanups but fast expanding towards social impact as well. On the other hand, we create (plug-and-play) digital technology solutions that empower corporate, governmental, and other clients to integrate positive impact into their services. Our suite of solutions forms a modular digital regenerative toolbox from which clients can select components that automate, integrate, and visualize positive impact creation. As such, our clients' existing products and services become regenerative, in a few clicks so that they can grow, with the planet.

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Urban Innovation Champions - ION Mobility.png

Founded in Oct 2019, ION Mobility is a tech company on a mission to create and deliver affordable, desirable, and sustainable mobility and energy for everyone. We are committed to creating great products and seamless user experiences for our customers. Our products combine advanced hardware and software technology with human-centred design to deliver smart electric motorbikes and energy storage solutions that are for everyone to use.

Our vision is to be Southeast Asia’s top technology company leading our region’s transition towards a low-carbon economy with electric and electric mobility products for consumers across Southeast Asia.

We have developed the ION Mobius, our inaugural EV motorbike designed for Southeast Asian motorbike riders an expression of our mission made real from sketch to CAD, from supply chain to production, from store to our customers - where design ideals meet practicality to demonstrate our interplay between rider versus machine, design versus functionality and performance versus intelligence, so as to deliver an unequivocally dynamic riding experience. Our electric motorbike has been designed and engineered from the ground-up to deliver an unequivocally dynamic riding experience for the daily urban commute.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Lytehouse.png

The rapid development of IoT cameras and sensors, and the many lingering legacy systems, make it almost impossible for security providers to deliver the expected results, especially for SMEs and the consumer markets. All of these sensors and cameras operate within their own separate platforms and generate a massive amount of data that is difficult for other systems or responders to decipher. The resulting 99% false alarm rate means the majority of real threats are missed.

To solve this problem for security companies and provide a new opportunity for consumer service providers, Lytehouse has built a security platform that produces verified threat alerts from existing security sensors for site owners and their security companies and enables them to purchase and manage their security services on-demand. Available as a fully cloud solution or via our small edge device, Keeper, we filter out up to 99% of the false alarms by pairing cameras and sensors with our proprietary, real-time machine learning algorithms and send only critical alerts to the people or systems that need them. In the past 6 months, we have launched a successful product into the South African market, delivering pilots and signed contracts with leading security providers, a telco and a large IoT distributor with a combined value of over $2.8M ARR. We have apprehended a mugging, a car jacking and a home invasion resulting in the arrest of thieves before they left the scene.

Lytehouse is the heart of any security infrastructure that is making enterprise-grade technology accessible to the markets who need it most. We believe that with cutting-edge video analytics, plug-and-play technology and our on-demand marketplace, we can transform the fragmented security industry to build smarter, safer cities.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Mobio Interactive.png

To address the exploding demand for efficacious mental healthcare globally, Mobio Interactive has developed and commercialised an AI-powered digital theragnostic platform that delivers clinically validated psychotherapy programmes personalised to every patient using digital biomarkers that quantify human brain states without relying on a wearable.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Shiok Meats.png

Shiok Meats is the world’s first cultivated crustacean meat company and Southeast Asia’s first cultivated seafood company. Shiok Meats also own Southeast Asia’s first cultivated red meat company, Gaia Foods. “Shiok” is a local slang that means fantastic, delicious, and simple pleasure.


The company was founded in August 2018 by two stem cell scientists – Dr. Sandhya Sriram and Dr. Ka Yi LING. They have over 20 years of combined experience in muscle, fat, and stem cell biology. They wanted to leave a legacy by helping humans, animals, and the planet. They knew that current seafood practices were unsustainable and would not feed a growing global population effectively. Motivated by their love for both food and innovative science, they used their years of knowledge to create sustainable, delicious, and healthy meats that will help future-proof our planet. The Shiok Meats team has grown to become a revolutionary community evolving the future of seafood and meat.


The company's mission is to bring delicious, sustainable, and healthy seafood to consumers' tables, using its technology to grow meat from healthy cells instead of animals. Shiok Meats seafood is real meat, delicious and nutritious. They are animal-, health- and environment-friendly.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Solar AI.png

Solar AI Technologies provides small & medium businesses and homeowners access to risk-free rooftop solar solutions at zero upfront costs. By combining geospatial data analytics with software, Solar AI dramatically reduces cost of sales and operations, allowing investors to finance smaller rooftop solar projects at attractive returns while unlocking solar-as-a-service solutions to traditionally underserved property owners.

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Urban Innovation Champions - The Nurturing Co.png

The Nurturing Co creates earth-friendly daily-use essentials that are better for the people and the planet. Launched in 2019, BAMBOOLOO® is a main pillar of The Nurturing Co's product line-up. It prides itself for being an original 0% plastic home care brand, and it drives The Nurturing Co's purpose of making sustainable alternatives widely available to consumers to empower them to make a positive impact on their lives and the environment. The brand which launched in 2019, has been at the cutting edge of environmental activism, sustainable supply chains, and has become highly acclaimed for its single-use plastic free, 100% biodegradable and sustainable products.


As the leading brand under parent company The Nurturing Co., BAMBOOLOO has received funding from Razor Inc through its US$50m Z Ventures Razer Green Fund, and is drawing increased interest from investors post the Razer Inc investment. The brand is on its next phase of growth which is to expand globally starting with a focus on the United States (U.S.) where the brand will launch as a part of the Amazon LaunchPad Program in early 2022. To help with this, The Nurturing Co is part of the 500 Global Launch San Francisco program which is accelerating the company’s expansion into the United States.

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Urban Innovation Champions - uHoo.png

uHoo monitors and manages your air quality to help you create healthier, more energy efficient and more sustainable homes and buildings. We do this through our proprietary sensing devices and software where you can have access to your environmental data in real time, understand trends of your environment over time, receive alerts and tips when your environmental is not optimal and integrate with home and building automation systems to create smarter homes and buildings. The value and benefits we provide our clients are reduced illnesses, better well-being, energy savings and sustainability certifications.

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Urban Innovation Champions - Vizzio.png

VIZZIO Technologies is a Singapore based, AI Modelling & Visualisation company that is on a mission to democratize and simplify 3D. Harnessing the power of 3D visualisation technologies, AI, machine learning processes, and edge-computing scanning hardware, VIZZIO offers an advanced yet easy-to-use platform, empowering users – from novices to digital experts across all industries – to access best-in-class 3D-as-a-Service offerings on demand, enabling anyone to co-create, virtualize and interact with digital realities.


VIZZIO has been spearheading the adoption of dimensionally accurate and immersive 3D capture & visualisations for Singapore’s leading leading government agencies and companies including Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech), National University of Singapore (NUS) and SMRT Corporation (SMRT) as well as Singapore based companies such as CapitaLand, SATS, StarHub, DP Architects among others.

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Urban Innovation Champions - WasteLabs.png

Waste Labs is a Singapore-based cleantech startup that modernises waste and recycling logistics and accelerates the transition to circular materials and products.

We build Artificial Intelligence to design and optimise scalable and cost-efficient waste collection systems anywhere in the world.
Our SaaS platform provides waste managers with data-driven insights and prescriptive recommendations to:

  • Map out waste flows;

  • Design smart and sustainable infrastructure and routing systems for general and recyclable waste logistics;

  • Optimise service costs and profitability of existing waste collection business.


The platform brings together waste-specific data and optimisation technologies developed over 12 years of R&D. Waste Labs serves leading waste management companies and sustainable manufacturers in APAC and Europe

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Urban Innovation Champions - WaveScan.png

WaveScan is an A*STAR spin-off company developing next-gen sensor technology for see-through structural inspections. The proprietary technology builds upon nearly a decade-long R&D on electromagnetic radar-based sensors and is capable of high-resolution 4D sensing for diverse non-destructive testing (NDT) applications. With integration into robots such as drones and wall-climbing crawlers and AI-powered image analysis, WaveScan provides an end-to-end inspection technology focused on applications in Built Environment & Oil and Gas industries.

Smart scanner systems, integrable with autonomous vehicles, along with a centralized AI-enabled analytics solution, are the future of active inspection systems for sustaining resilient infrastructure. At WaveScan, we envision safer, productive & liveable cities by creating a predictive maintenance ecosystem through data-driven standardization of inspection processes. The technology is currently post-commercial stage and is being test-bedded with leading construction, facility management & asset inspection companies in Singapore and overseas markets

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